Breakdown to the Breakthrough Podcast Interview

People often think it’s weak to speak about your Mental Health. It seems clear to me that the total opposite is true. It takes Strength and courage to look at those uncomfortable areas of your mind and life. That, to me, is fucking Empowering.

To those of you out there Dusting off those darker areas of your mind and letting that shit go…. I APPRECIATE YOU.

And, to those who are willing to talk about their story so that others might relate and free themselves from the baggage of the past….

You are fucking boss… You inspire me..

In this Kinked Podcast:

Milly Molly McMurdock, the founder of Milly Molly’s Medicine Collective – speaks with Georgie about how her career has evolved in tune with her lifestyle, first noticing that people felt comfortable opening up to her and showing their vulnerability.

This led to Milly developing her unique business that combines aesthetic beauty with inner beauty for a holistic approach to Mind and Body health. Milly supports women through 1:1 breakthrough sessions and women’s circles. She offers guidance and support to all that reach out to her. Her love for the wellbeing of others is clear throughout her work.

Milly discusses her journey to a deeper level in her spirituality including an experience with the Psychedelic DMT and a 3 months isolation period in 2018.

Milly discusses how she spent this time opening doors in her “inner house” that needed dusting and reorganising. She shares the tools that she uses in these times of looking deeper knowing that her story will be relatable and guide others.

The tools that Milly speaks of can be found in a document on the podcast instagram @Kinkedwellness. This is a keepsake as a reminder that there are tools and people out there holding space and willing to support you through this process.

We need more people to go deeper and get rid of that baggage so that we can live happier, more present and sustainable lives.

If you can relate to this and enjoyed it let us know! Your feedback is invaluable.

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