Here are some of my current offerings..

A 60 min Breakthrough life coaching session

followed by a 25 min intuitive healing session

I use a mix of different modalities, 

Modern and Ancient

 to take you on a journey of deep cellular shifts and personal transformation    


These sessions include but are not limited to :


Diving deep into your subconscious belief system

Gaining clarity over your visions, dreams and goals

Identifying and over coming obstacles

Creating tangible action steps


An Oracle card reading

Mediation and Sound healing Journey using crystal singing bowls and a Shamanic drum

Distance energy healing using Usui Reiki

A personalised prescription of essential oils and rituals that would support you best through this time


I am offering this service via a ZOOM or messenger call

Session are approx 90 mins 

I am starting this offering at a low introductory rate of $99


Online Card Readings


Both Tarot and Oracle

The reading will be customized to each individual

Depending on your energy and the clarity you are after, 

what comes through will only be of your highest good

Your reading will take place and be delivered via a word documented email 24- 72 hours after payment is received

I will send you the details of your spread and a description and interpretation of what comes through 

You will also receive pictures of the spread

there will be space for integration of the reading with any questions or feedback you have 

This means its yours to keep and refer back to at any point

Currently offering ALL card readings at an introductory offer of $33


Milly has such a natural way with her intuition and being able to articulate this to people. She has pulled many cards for me over the past year and there has been a very good consistency with her readings. Would totally recommend her for both personal readings and life coaching 😊​
Jodie Vaughn
Sustainability Entrepreneur
Milly has such a natural gift. Her reading was so clear and accurate. I felt like she was speaking to my soul. She has a beautiful way with words and the reading was infused with sweet metaphors. She delivers clear communication that needs to be heard but in a compassionate way. I was really impressed with some of the information that came through and how spot on it was. She provided some wonderful action steps to make the most out of the messages. I feel so blessed to have had her encouragement on my journey and I highly recommend booking a reading with her.​
Hannah Joy
Spirit Conduit and Intuitive Healing Coach
Millys ability to use and channel her intuition really comes across when your getting your cards read by her. I highly recommend her, she always provides me with an accurate reading that blows my mind everytime. It's refreshing to get a perspective check and Milly always shows me that while providing amazing advice❤️​
Eve Sweetman
Digital Visual Artist, DJ