Breakthrough Life Coaching Session And Healing

$222.00 $99.00

Using tailored modalities to suit your individuals needs

A clarity call or exchange of messages will take place prior to the session or at the start of the session

This session is designed to create much needed tangible shifts in your life

You will leave the session with a course of action and a good idea of how to over come road blocks

There will be a follow up check in, approx a week later to see how you are integrating the session and if you require any further support or have any relevant feedback

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This is a 60 min breakthrough life coaching session

Followed by a 25 min Healing

Approx 90 mins long all up

These sessions include but are not limited to

*Diving deep into your subconscious belief system

*Gaining clarity over which areas of you life you would like to improve or focus on

*Tools to overcome obstacles

*Creating an action plan

I tailor modalities used in session to each individuals needs

The modalities are derived from Modern and Ancient teachings

The Healing session consists of a Sound healing, Meditation and distance Usui Reiki

Within the healing are : Crystal singing bowls, Shamanic drumming and a Channelled meditation



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